Hi, I’m chris sattlegger!

I’m a Photographer, Cook, Fisherman, Hiker, Gardener, Reader, Stereo Nerd, Coffee Drinker, Part Time Website-Maker and Art Collector living in Prince George, British Columbia - my new home.

Born and raised in Calgary, I cultivated my curiosity and excitement for life by letting my appetite for aesthetic and meaningful experiences lead me to Alberta College of Art and Design. While working on my Bachelors of Design in Photography, I gained many insights into myself and the world around me (I think this is where I started my relationship with coffee).

Life moved fast and traction gained as I worked as an assistant to photographers around town, I was able to travel for work! I met many new friends and learned a great deal about the creative industry. Not too long after making my initial steps into the world of photography, I was able to start on my own and work with agencies and clients that I cultivated from marketing myself and my abilities.

Photography has opened my world up greater than I could have thought, I have been able to learn about and see things I couldn’t have imagined. I will forever be grateful for being able to live a life of constant learning and new experiences.